streetfightingwoman asked:

do one for KoGino because that pairing doesn't have enough content for it

steppingoncellphones answered:


Who wakes the other one up with kisses:

Kogami. For sure. Gino did it once — Kogami pulled him onto the bed and into a deeper kiss, which itself wasn’t that bad, albeit embarrassing in its intensity. But then the kissing went on. And then suddenly Kogami was on top of Gino. And then they were late for work and Gino was very pissed. He didn’t wake Kogami up with a kiss again after that.

Who cooks for whom:

Gino doesn’t cook except rice, toast, and a few traditional things. Kogami likes making foreign food, mostly Italian, but he’s generally lazy about it and too often forgets to check on it because he’s engrossed in a book. Sometimes the flavor ends up being too strong for Gino, who doesn’t have years of smoking to dull down his taste buds.

Honestly, they’re so bad at remembering to designate who cooks meals each day that they end up bickering that it was the other’s turn. Gino sets up a schedule and also starts making extra (especially of hamburgers, Kogami’s favorite) to eat leftover. 

Who is the morning person/night person:

Kogami’s more of a night person, but he trained himself to wake up early to exercise. Ginoza stays up late doing paperwork, then crashing on the weekends and waking up with drool running down his face and messy hair, completely ruffled in appearance and by the fact he’s so ungroomed.

Who is the romantic one:

Kogami’s romantic in a light-hearted way that makes Ginoza question his sincerity sometimes. When he says something loving, he has to be especially insistent. Ginoza is quietly romantic. Like, he wants affection so much, but he can’t bring himself to do much more than asking Kogami to stay with him a while longer at night or passively hinting he wants something. Kogami’s good at seeing through his tsundere act.

Who is the top when it comes to sex:

Kogami, mostly. He’s a very considerate, passionate partner. Not too considerate to the point of asking Gino how he is all that much, but overall careful, even when he’s being a little rougher. I don’t imagine him being animal-like as a top. When Ginoza tops, he’s really responsive. Not in the sense that he moans a lot, but in that he reads what Gino wants to do and offers everything to him. They both like it rough sometimes, but it’s not sprung on the other as a surprise. It just builds up to that with pleas, begging, cries.

Who would lead in ballroom dancing:

Kogami because quite frankly, Ginoza is horrified by the thought of them ballroom dancing in public and had to practically be dragged onto the dance floor. That said, he makes a great effort to be elegant once they’re dancing since he’s just too proud to be anything less than graceful. 

Who is the more cuddly one:

Kogami is the initiator of less grand touches - a hand on the small of Gino’s back, an arm around his shoulders, a pat of his head - and Ginoza wants to be held by Kogami. Well, only when the lights are turned off and can hide his uncertainties and embarrassment. He pulls Kogami’s arm over him and tries to wipe the mental image of Kogami’s raised eyebrows from his mind. To calm him, Kogami nuzzles against his back and it’s intimate and safe. They have a tacit understanding.

Who is the one to most likely pick the movie they watch:

They use a democratic method. Each one makes suggestions until they find a movie they both can sit through. Kogami has more sophisticated taste than Ginoza expected, reflecting how well-read he is. They don’t go for anything too artsy. Lots of classic, thoughtful films in there.

Who is the one who would pay for dates:

Ginoza wants to feel equal in terms of money without being too controlling (because then he’d be called out for obsessing over it), so they have a rule that the party that invited pays.

Who is the one who would initiate a quicky during classes:

It’s gotta be Kogami. It takes a lot of persuading and assurance that they won’t be caught. Gino is too hard-headed to let it affect his behavior around others afterwards, so he doesn’t even try to pretend he’s not into it. Pretending would just make it harder to maintain his pokerface later.